Aspen View Public Schools

Transportation Department

Phone: 1-888-488-0288 ext 16

Please Note:

- Regular bus routes will not be extended to accomodate Alternate Transportation Requests.

- Alternate Transportation Requests may not be approved until after the second week of the new school year because we
                 must determine if there is room on the bus to accomodate the child(ren).

- It is the parents/guardians' responsibility to inform both the bus driver and the school of their child's schedule.

- If the bus becomes full and more space is needed for eligible riders your approval may be revoked.




This form is to be used when a parent/guardian desires any unusual/alternate transportation arrangements for a period of 4 days
or more. Upon submission of the form, you will receive a copy of this form in its completion if you provide a valid email address
and a copy will be delivered to the Student Transportation Department, they will be in contact with you upon processing of this


Unusual or alternate bus service requests may include those noted below:

1. Drop off or pick up at a location other than the student's residence (or usual point of pick up or drop off on the same route).

2. Riding a different school bus morning and afternoon.

3. Meeting a school bus at a designated stop to attend a school outside the student's Attendance Area.


By entering my information below and submitting the form, I agree to the terms and conditions listed above and I understand
that it will be processed as signed.

All alternate site requests must be applied for annually.


To be completed by
transportation Dept.

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